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5.7 Liter LS1





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Goal this year: 11.50x


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07-04-02 Check Run in with police section for new update :( :)

Nitrous is finally filled :)  I'm going to spray next saturday (if I can hold out that long.... I really want to flip that switch!)   75 jets are in and ready to go :)

06-25-02 If it's not one thing it's another....

Driving to work... I hear a clunk, look in my rearview mirror and there's a bolt rolling to the shoulder of Rt. 53

Turns out the 3/8" Grade 8 bolt I used for my shocks broke on the passenger rear..  I guess the LCAs put too much downward pressure for them...

I ended up stopping at NAPA around 4:30 and picked up to shock install kits (cool kit... 11/16" nut, lock washer, washer, bushing, bushing, metal stop, washer and 3/4" nut)  

I did the side that broke at work in the parking lot.. I had to jack the car up w/my stock scissor jacks... and remove the wheel to get enough room.  Then I had to take the scissor jack out of my peugeot (both cars were at work) and jack up the axle to match the shock.  Tightened everything up and it worked fine :)   Took about an hour.

When I got home I put the car up on the lift, removed the bolt from the other side (same type, 3/8" bolt).  As i was removing it the washer/nut (nut welded to washer) broke...   I finally got the bolt out and It would have probably snapped tomorrow... it was starting to bend at the threads...      so now both Rear Shock bolts have been replaced w/stronger setups.

I also checked the LCAs, one of the adjusting nuts was loose but that was it.

Other news... I have 1 payment left on the car, and in about 1.5 months I'm going to pickup some Pro Stars all around (16x8 in back 15x3.5 in front) and some Mickey Thompsons for the rear :)

06-24-02 The car's done.

I stopped by Speed Inc. around noon.  Turns out the Stator went bad and took out the transmissions

Picked it up and it felt good :)  Oh, and I got a Vigilante 3600 (Lucky #7) installed...   3.0 STR and it actually stalls up to 4200 RPM :)

06-21-02 Drove the car to Speed Inc. today... could barely get it out of first gear.   Had to play with the gas to get it to switch gears.
06-11-02 Well...  my transmission went out tonight

I was racing a stang on Rt. 12 on the way up.. gave the car WOT, it downshifted into 2nd and then free revved to the rev limiter. 

06-09-02 Well, haven't updated the site in a while, but have done alot to the car.

1.   N.O.S. 5177 kit is installed and setup to purge out of the nose (pics coming soon)

2.  HALs are installed

3.  Fuel Pressure Gauge is installed

4.  Laptop stand is installed

5.   BMR Tubular LCAs are installed

6.  Trans Temp Gauge finally hooked up

on a drag radial, I hope to run 12.5s N/A now...   and hit 11.7-11.5 w/nitrous.   New times to come soon

Things on the way:

!EGR and !Air Pump  (not really performance related but it'll clear up the engine bay)   (saving money for a 12 bolt, heads, and cam now)

04-05-02 HALs....   too pissed now... will provide details later this weekend
03-30-02 Well... Front HALs are in 

Only took the entire weekend

Saturday, ~2:00pm
Take off back wheels, put drag radials on
Take off front wheels, attempt to install Shcok and spring

INstructions say take off lower ball joint, well my dad didn't have a ball joint splitter that big. Search the net, and find different instructions. They say to disconnect from the Upper A-Arm

By this time it's 4:00pm. Remainder goes smooth... we try taking the sway bar off but it's all rusted (the bolt) and my dad was afraid we might break the bolt if we tried to take it off (impact couldn't loosen it.. and took alot of force by hand)

So we finally get the old shocks out, new springs mounted on new shocks, and installed both fronts.... it's about 5:30pm now

I lower the car (it has been on a lift this entire time) original ride height ws 27.5" new ride height.... 26"!!! 1.5" decrease (plus they're real soft springs, bottomed out easily)

So I try adjusting the springs... not thinkling right I thought "if I lower the spring stops then the springs will be used more to keep the car higher...." so I proceed to lower the spring stops on the passesnger side wheel.... i lower the car again... now I'm at 23.5" ... the wheel is up inside the wheel well...

I'm supposed to be going to a party... but really dont want to take hte peugeot (have been having an Overheat problem recently in it,,,, fixed it over weekend). so I decide... yea, I'll get it all fixed tonight.

I get the driver side spring off, fixed, installed and adjusted in 30 minutes... it's about 7:00pm now.... I'm tired and dirty after working on the car all day. The car now sites 27.5" on pass side and 28 on driver side... but I can sit on the fender and the car bottoms out

So I put the TA aside take the peugeot...

This morning (sunday) (well this afternoon) when I woke up, I waited for my pounding headache to go away from drinking too much the night before, I pick up the peugeot (I didn't drive home) and around 8:00pm decide to fix the car right.

I get the shock removed in a matter of 45 mins (extra time since I had to move cars around and put the TA up on the lift) Fix it and start the reinstall

The lower A Arm wasn't down far enough so I couldn't get the shock into the groove to get the bolts in... so I proceed to loosen the Sway Bar (mind you it's been over 1.5 years now and that bolt has never been touched). so It's turning slowly... 2 sockets in hand, doing 1/4 turn at a time.

I finally get it low enough to put the shcok in (took an a while to get the bolts lined up.. had to pry it up) and bolt it up... but when I try to tighten the sway bar it didn't want to budge so I'm afraid I'll break the bolt. I can loosen just not tighten.

So I proceed to take the nut off... and then spray liberably with some lube. i put it back on... it's moving pretty good so I decide to use air tools... the nut goes down down down down and then all the way to the top!!!! I stripped the threads inside of the nut! I'm thinking oh shiat... wont be driving the TA for a few days. But I look at the bolt and it's A-OK (slightly bent from the loosening). Fortuanetly my dad has lots of extra nuts.... so I find the right size nut and a washer, put it on... lower the car and new ride height.... 32" on driver side, heheh

Took 2 times adjusting it before I got it to hit 28" (pass side is 28" also.... I was too tired to deal with .5" tonight)

So front HALs and Springs are finally on  I had to get them done at least this weekend cause my dad has to bring the spring compressor back to work monday... and he can't always bring it home during the weekends (shop tool... granted they don't do much suspension work on Jaguars... but if it's needed it's the only one they have)

I will most likely put rear hals on during the week one night. And I got my good ole familiar tink tink tink sound back when I put the Drag Radials on  those things must pick up EVERY stone on the road

Unfortuanetly... nitrous wiring still not done, trans temp gauge still not done and line lock still not done   
03-16-021.   Changed my oil.   40 bux for 6 quarts of 5w30 Mobil 1 Try Synthetic ( I need to pick up a few cases when I see it on sale.. had to buy it at a NAPA) and a filter.

2.  Replaced TR55s with TR6 spark plugs

3. Fixed an exhauyst leak

4. Went to GMNs for a party  

5. Also got pulled over again GRRR  I HATE PIGS

03-15-02Updated Runins with police  section... most exciting near pullover yet.

Also, I forgot to mention, but I'm taking an Auto Cross class.   the SBCCA is offering a free 4 week (2-2.5 hours every Friday for 4 weeks) so I've been taking them.   So far i've learned that....   my car is not designed for autocross!!!   (High stall = bad, Nitrous = not allowed, Nittos = can't do a burn out before you start)

Finally, got my tax return today :)   I haven't had this much money in my checking account in a while... though 1700 in CC bills, 500 for laptop payment, 722 for car payment (but... after this I only owe 2900 bux on the car!) so I won't have this much money for long, heh.

Next purchase:  I'm strongly thinking of getting the FLPs now...   they sound awesome w/no cats

03-13-02Got tons of stuff today!   

1.   My HALS came in, they look sweet!   I hope to install them this weekend

2.  My laptop Docking Station came in, now I have an actual Serial port :) (not a USB to Serial)

3.  My Laptop car adapter came in, no more 12VDC -> 120VAC -> 19VDC ,   plugs right in cig lighter without the monstrous converter.

Also...   I ordered LS1 Edit :)   I decided to hold off on headers for a little bit.   LS1 Edit should be more fun :)

03-09-02Well, drove the car yesterday and today  :)
03-08-02It's supposed to be in the 60s today and rain!!!!   So I should be able to drive the car again starting Saturday :)

Also, the site redesign begins tomorrow.  I plan on using different navigation (haven't decided yet.. probably some DHTML programming...  I'm doing ANYTHING i can to make the new site NOT COMPATIBLE with Netscape Navigator.. I have to deal with that crappy browser enough at work from the Engineers!

03-07-02Car is still parked, but I have more good news :)

I got a set of HAL Shocks on GP for 615!   Should be in by end of month.   Also I did my taxes and the feds owe me 939 bux!   So that money is going towards some headers, i'm leaning towards FLP Long Tubes or MAC Mid Lengths.

03-02-02Guess what?   Snow , but just a little bit in the afternoon.. flurries
03-01-02It snowed more...
02-28-02It snowed a whole lot tonight :(   6 inches.. TA is going to be parked for a while
02-27-02It snowed today so I had to drive the Peugeot :(   It's cold out too
02-23-02I went to get a hair cut today, and decided to connect the autotap... but it won't work in DOS under windows XP (well the serial port wont work, no drivers available) so I had to run the windows version.  I did find out something useful though.   The reason the car was low on power was because WOT was only 70% throttle!  Turns out the WOT switch for the NOS kit wasn't allowing WOT to be achieved.  Corrected it this afternoon
02-22-02Gave my buddy Mark a ride in the car for the first time... seemed low on power, I tried to smoke the tires and it just grabbed... but I'm on Kumhos so they have piss poor traction, will have to investigate this weekend.

I went to hook up my autotap tonight also... and low and behold, my brand spankin new laptop doesn't have a serial port!   I had to buy an 80 dollar USB Serial port from Best Buy. 

02-16-01Installed the plumbing today, didn't have time for wiring though.
02-12-02I called and the car is done :)   I withdrew about 2000 in cash the night before and paid in cash.   The 2000 Covered the Transmission, Labor, Synthetic Royal Purple fluid, and a N.O.S. 5177 Kit.   After getting the car, I drove it to what used to be Harbor Pontiac for the alternator.  The customer service rocks now!   They got bought out and it's all new people running it.  The next day (Wednesday) I got the car back with a brand new alternator covered under warranty.  That Friday I dropped it off at Izzos again to have him test drive it (I Didn't beat on it until then, wanted Tom to test it out first).  He said it felt fine... the way back I got on it :)  Trans is awesome!  Since it's vacuum modulated now, the 1-2 and 2-3 shifts are hard (jerks you back in your seat) at part throttle driving, but the 2-3 shift is SUPER FAST at WOT.   It's so fast you don't feel it at all and barely notice an RPM Drop.
02-11-02 I dropped by Izzos to drop off my transmission temperature sensor to be installed in the B&M Deep Transmission pan.  
02-09-02I dropped my car off for the new transmission.  This morning I put a brand new AC Delco battery in, but the volt gauge was still low... but the car ran for 20 minutes at home so I figured it just needed time to charge up.  25 miles into the trip the car died at Gold Rd. and Roselle (5 miles from Izzos).  Alternator was shot, so I had it towed to izzos (this was on a saturday) which cost 80 bux :(  
02-03-02Went to World Of Wheels.   Pics are here




Was a good time.  Saturday we had so much beer!   Ran out of beer around 5:30 so me and Brian (OneFastAssSS) gotta taxi to get more beer.... this guy drove really slow, and took us to 2 places to get beer...  10 dollar cab fair :(  Finally got the beer, we were going up the escalator at McCormick Place with it and some guy came running over saying we can't bring that up there!   So we waited a few minutes, and then hid the boxes under our jackets and went right up. :)   I got my new headrests today too (Embroidered, pictures coming soon) from Dan (Dan99Hawk) .  They look sweet!   Dan brought some Strohs 160 proof liquor... it was like drinking turpentine.

02-01-02 cUpdate on transmission. The trans is still busted, and the battery's still dead.
I got a new battery today, and the trans is coming out in 3 weeks.
02-01-02 bI had Jury duty all week... boy was that boring.
I get to Waukegan court house, walk in... apparently my blue light on my keychain could be used as a weapon or something... so the "cop" said i had to take it to my car. Also I'm not allowed to have the face plate for my stereo with me (350 dollar head unit... in Waukegan, crim capital of Lake County). Ok, i bring the stuff back to my car, i come back in (car is 3 blocks away) and NOW she says that I can't have my Motorola badge holder (it's one that has a rope in it that winds up) becaues I could strangle someone with it. So I start raising my voice asking why she didn't tell me this before, and she starts getting all cocky, then her manager walks over to see if everythning's ok, finally I just tell them, fine, i'm late for check in and throw it away. So I get up to the juror room, an they give us a badge holder that's held on w/an elastic rope (goes around neck).... um.. if I wanted a weapon I could break this elastic off and strangle someone... and it would be easier to conceal!!! So 330 of us in a non-airconditioned room, finally my number is called for jury duty... I walk in, and one of the first possible jurors selected! The judge explains the case and says it will take 2 weeks!!! Stupid Lake Forest is negotiating how much some land some corporation is worth (land they forcefully took). So after the first two hours of the judge, prosecuting attorney and defense attorney questioning... they have 4 selected (out of 12). This entire time I'm looking at my watch and giving the plaintiff dirty looks Then the prosecuting attorney gets to me, and asks me if I have had any incidents with Lake Forest. I tell him only some tickets from Lake Forest police (got a chuckle out of that), he says would that have an impact on my decision for the case... and I say no, THAT wouldn't , and he asks if there is something else that would... so i explain my position on government entities forcefully taking private sector land and then trying to set there own price, and that if a government entity can force someone (or a company) to seel their land then the owner should be able to dictate there own price... I was dismissed immediately That was the only time i was called today, but still had to sit around till 4:00pm AND i have to come in tomorrow too! Just doesn't make sense why they select people who have JOBS to do this... would make more sense to take people that are retired, or that are on welfare (so they can give back), or unemployment. I know the whole speal about right to trial by peers (jury) and in order to keep this right you need to serve when called... and I actually contemplated asking the judge (the first one that gave all the jurors a background on jury duty) "If I give up my right to a jury can I leave?" but I know that'd be contempt of court or some BS like that. Oh well... I kinda have a better idea of how jury duty works now... so I should be able to get out of every case, also I think I figured out how Lake County's computer system works If you're called for a case.. your juror number is taken out of the pool of possible jurors (it's drawn randomly), BUT, when you are dismissed from a case, you have to check your badge back in the juror badge (they scan it). I'm guessing this works 1 of 2 ways, either when you are dismissed someone in court enters your number, and when you rescan you are marked as accounted for and placed back in the pool, or when you are dismissed you are not entered back into the pool until you rescan and no entry is made by the court people... I'm going to test this tomorrow and if I get caught play ignorant
02-01-02 aWell, the site is finally back up.
Here's a synopsis of what has happened:
Mid December: DSL Router Broke, I lost internet access.
Late December: I buy a DSL Modem, connect it, won't work.
Early January: I've called Ameritech 10 times, they keep saying they don't know what it is and they don't have to make any changes on there end.
I found out from DSLReports.com that the DSL Routers use the outer wires and the DSL Modem uses the inner wires.
So I reverse these wires and walla, I get a link light, but now I can't authenticate.
I post on dslreports.com again and a nice person from ameritech says that i need to switch my service from pppoa to pppoe.
I call ameritech.. the helpdesk says this is an automatic change. I post back and the guy says he'll have a bud of his in network do the change.
The change occurs and I got back up :)
Next problem: My linux box crashed (power outage). So it took me a while to recover the data. But we're back up now.
10-13-01Today was an MFBA DYNO day...  I didn't get there till 1:30 since I was getting a haircut and had other things to do.   Cars did well..   unfortuanetly on the way back home (well to Whits) I started loosing my OverDrive :(

Car makes a bad noise when trying to shift from 3 to 4 at high speeds when the trans is warm.

My thoughts:

Clutch pack that controls 3-4 shift is the worst hit.    It's not applying enough pressure/friction to the planetary gear, planetary gear is bouncing off of sun gear.

In any case, the car's grounded for this year, and I need to look into rebuilding it myself, or paying FLP to rebuild it.

10-09-01Woohoo!   I got a raise at work today :)
10-06-01Today was the fall cruise.... awesome, up to 35 cars cruising southern wisconsin at 100+ MPH, taking sharp turns at 70-80MPH...    glad my trans held up :)

fall cruise pics

10-04-01Changed the Trans Fluid...   silver material LINED the bottom of trans pan... clutch material, not sure how much longer this clutch will last
09-27-01Brought car to a friends place to change push Rods (thanks Dan00Hawk for the rods).    Notice trans fluid leaking on the ground :(

Turns out, the night before I had the verter locked through the 1-2 shfts and 2-3 shifts...   so that cops wouldn't mess w/me (I was in Chicago).   Well this blew the trans cooler core, which caused 3 quarts to leak out :( 

09-22-01Checked my push rods... found 2 in the number 4 cyl were slightly bent :(
09/15/01Ok... I haven't updated the site lately, but alot has happened:


1, on 09/15/2001  Me and Carmen (Tease) went on a ~500 mile road trip to bowling green Kentucky.    

a.    Leave Schaumburg at 11:30pm on 9/14/01

b.    I drive to a town about 30 miles south of Indianapolis (~4:15 am) and meet up w/masmith at Dennys, we all have breakfast and proceed down to Bowling Green.

c.   Upon entering Kentucky we found a person that wanted to go 90+ MPH so we used him as a blocker... then we picked up another car in back, so we were safe :)

d.  Arrive in Bowling Green about 8:15am.   I'm dead tired (having been up for over 24 hours), but we go directly to the Holley plant tour.   Tour was cool, not technical enough, but I got lots of stickers for my Peugeot :)   

e.   About 11:30 we get to our Hotel and check in (The Travelodge).   I fall asleep and masmith wakes me up 30 minutes later asking if I want to go to lunch! :)  I sleep more till 2:30 or 3, and it's time for tech at the Corvette Museum (saw some cool NHRA cars come in, but I didn't have my camera).

f.    About 6:30 pm Tech is over (well technically 7, but I left at 6:30 :) ).   We all go back to the Hotel and drink in the parking lot.   Then it's a big dinner at OutBack steak house (next to hotel).   Then it's down the the Travelodge Bar....   Those people line danced to everything!   I drank 7 or 8 Zombies (on top of 18 beers) and don't remember falling asleep....    I guess I flooded the hotel room (somewhat).

g.  Wake up at 8:45am the next day....    I'm hung over and don't want to get up, but Carmen talks me into getting up.   Shower, and hand her the keys :)    I was in no condition to drive...   still semi-intoxicated.   So we go to Bowling Green track, and it was a blast.   Pics here.        

And Here

And here         

h.  That night we all went to outback again (after drinking in the parking lot again :) ) and then drank in the lot some more...   about midnight Dan00Hawk, LS1 Killer, and Zbass decided to go to sleep, and Carmen was tired, so I went to the Travelodge bar....    Met Brad and Pris there, and the Colonel.   At 2, the bar closed, so some of us went outside....     talked a bit, learned about trans brakes.   After that we started launching water balloons...    but when we broke a window.... we stopped (ran in, I STILL (10/13/01)  have my wrists cutup from when I fell!

i.   Wake up around 10 the next morning, go to get breakfast and start home.      Russ and his Grand Am attacked my LS1 w/gumme worms, because his car tops out at 108MPH :)   We were averaging (Carmen was driving) 100 MPH  :)

j.   I found a new use for Motorola Talk Abouts.... fun pissing people in the area using the same frequency as you off :)

k.  Also there was some kind of a Corvette gathering on 94 because we saw at least 20 of them.

l.    Finally got home and was dead tired... and more than 1000 miles on the car!

09-08-01Today rocked!

I installed my gauges (A/F is operational, Trans Temp is not yet) (pics coming soon), and saw Tool.   

We drove over 7 hours for a 2 hour show.,.. but it was worth it!

TOOL rocked, the images were a bit disturbing... but it was very interesting.     The music rocked, but the graphics they showed... well I think you would have to be high (which I wasn't) to understand them.

09-05-01I'm in training for ARWEB today through Friday...  so nothing much to post about
09-03-01Went to RSD at GLD today.... but only had 200 miles on my car so I couldn't race.

Here's some pics of GLD today:

GLD Pics

Also went to the Brat Stop, lots of fun.  Pics of this are in the GLD Pics set too...   and that guy w/the sock on his head is PSJ :)

08-31-01Well, picked up my car today.   They fixed the differential under warranty :)   1400 bux I'm glad I didn't have to spend!

Only problem is I need to put some 500 miles on my car by Monday so I can race at Real Street Drags at GLD....

In the evening I went to Hooters in Schaumburg w/Carmen (tease) and Keith (Magnus) and then to Alumni Club with Carmen and Tom (Bird of Prey).

08-27-01I put some more pics up on the web site

Here's pictures of the teeth that should have been part of the spider gears for the drive (left) wheel

And here's pics from the cancelled US41 track rental

08-26-01Diff problem was verified today... I opened her up and found lots of little teeth.   Also I can rotate the left wheel freewheel.   It doesn't engage the drive shaft, doesn't rotate other wheel.  If I rotate the right wheel it moves the left wheel as it should (opposite direction)   I'm bringing it in tomorrow for repairs.

Also got my 4 Kumho Supra 712s installed.  

Finally, I'm thinking of buying some pro stars from jegs for the front.   Tires are like 26 bux each and it looks cool.

08-25-01I went down to Schererville Indiana yesterday.  Spent the night at a hotel w/some friends.   We went out drinking all night... Zombies are strong $hit!  

Woke up this morning to rain :(  so the track rental was cancelled .  Still had fun, went Old Country Buffet for 3 hours w/the rest of the guys that showed up for the track rental.  Had fun, spent the rest of the day in Indiana.

08-23-01Diff is getting fixed next week under warranty.

Also I've got several new pictures, and here they are:

08-18-01:  MFBA Picnic

08-18-01 Chicago Sky and Water show   1 2 3


08-20-2001Bad News... Really bad.    Diff is toast!  Tonight every time I took a turn it would start going "klunk klunk klunk" and shift the car.   I thought it was just something hitting an axle or something, but when I lifted it I could turn a tire w/out it turning the other tire and w/out the drive shaft trying to move.   So I'm going to Hagerty Pontiac in Lombard to speak w/Kevin to see if I can get GM to cover the repairs.
08-07-2001Bad news... I think my Dif's going bad :(   I hear a SHHHHHHHHHHH noise any time it's under load :(
08-05-2001A few things are going on now:

#1  I got pulled over again (Check runins with police section

#2  I am getting 3.73 gears installed 08/18/2001

#3  um.... if you're in the Chicago-land area check out Nobody!

07-31-2001Well... I broke down.    I ordered some 3.73 GM Gears today and am going to have Tom Izzo Install them on 08/18/2001.  I wanted to do alot more to my car this winter, but I think I'll save that money and put it towards a house.   So for now....    450 bux for a gear install (including the gears) is good enough :)
07-25-2001I've got some pics from the Elmhurst Car show and will post them eventually :)
07-21-2001The MFBA Rented out the track at US41 today.    I was running OK.... 13.1 was my best :(    But it was 95 degrees and 80% humidity.

I will be posting alot of pics soon!

07-18-2001Updated my Runins with police section
07-09-2001Ok, I haven't updated the site in a while... sorry about that, been really busy.  I'm going to do some updates now based on memory:  Also, I got most of my pics thumbnailed, here's some of them:

US41 4/14/01

Elmhurst Car Show 05/16/01

Byron on 06/03/01:

Irving Park Rd. And Barrington Rd. 06/09/01

Spring Cruise 06/09/01

MFBA Muncie Meeting 06/16/01

Lake Michigan 06/23/01

Elmhurst Car Show 06/27/01

Lake Michigan, 4th of July

07-07-2001Went down to the Skybox in Harvey tonight with Dylan (formula8) Ted (rhwbullhead) and Jim (simply2kind).  Left the house at 7:30 pm got home 5:00am
07-03-2001Went down to the Taste and then went out on Lake Michigan just like last year.  Only this year I got wasted on the boat.  I went swimming in Lake Michigan (where I managed to break my $120 pair of oakleys :( ).   Got home about 4:30 am
06-30-2001Went down to my friend Joes boat tonight.   Me and Davin and Emily went down there (met up w/Larry) for a night of drinking.   Good times had by all :)
06-23-2001Installed exhaust on my buddies Cobra today.   Basani X-Pipes and a Cat-Back.  Then we changed my oil.    We saw The Fast and The Furious again tonight.
06-21-2001Got my SFCs welded on today.
06-15-2001Saw the premier of The Fast and The Furious today.  Good movie, too much Rice though.
06-11-2001I was sick today so I stayed home.   I left at about 5:00pm heading to Russ (Purevil)'s house.   He installed my lock up switch for my torque converter.   Should be running 12.6s now (hopefully).   Should be good enough to continue beating my bud Davin! :)  (He just got 4.30 gears, and is getting X-Pipes soon).
06-10-2001I Zainoed my car today... looks sweet!   And I finally figured out how this Z6 stuff works.. I'm liking it!
06-09-2001Today was the MFBA Spring Cruise.  Alot of fun, and unlike the fall cruise, there were no accidents.   Pictures coming soon.

Afterwards several of us went to the Car Show on Irving park Rd. and Barrington Rd.   We stayed there till 10:30 when the cops kicked us out.  Then we went 1/4 mile down the street to the Sams club lot (different town).  Cops didn't bother us there.   I left around midnight, but there was a race setup between a Roadster and a Mustang.   The Mustang won :(

06-03-2001Today was the F-Body Vs. Y-Body event at Byron.   I did pretty well, made it to the 4th round before getting beat by a car running low 11s on nitrous.

Didn't win any trophy's :(   Pictures coming soon.

05-26-2001I put new brakes on my car.  I also put some new spark plugs in.   Pictures coming soon.
05-21-2001Brought my car back to the dealership for warped rotors.   They first tried to say it was caused by the low amount of brake left (the squealers were showing), but when I told them I'll do the brakes myself they said they were also replacing the rotors under warranty.
05-20-2001Had my graduation party today.    Good turn out, I had fun, seems like everyone else had fun. And I took in over 600 bux!!! That's almost a car payment! :)
05-19-2001I went to the Q101 Jamboree today.   Had alot of fun, alot of good bands, spent 70 bux on Beer, another 50 on Shirts, and 15 on food.   The only downside of the day was that I lost my pager :/   Hopefully somebody will find it and return it.  
05-17-2001I went to Ted's (RHWBullhead) house and from there we went over to a Bowling alley in Lombard (I joined a bowling league!)   I bowled.... pretty crappy.    Had a Long Island and 4 beers there.   Then we went back to Ted's place to drop off the cars (we were going to go to a bar in Bartlette).    Of course I get pulled over!    Check out the Run In With Police section of the page for details.    The bar was the Cadillac Ranch off of Lake St.   Normally it's a country bar, but on Thursdays it's more modern!  Lots of nice.... things to look at there :)   I had 2 shots of vodka (one was the bottom shelf stuff, other was Absolute!) and 5 beers.   Then Ted dropped me off by car (at his place) and I drove home.

All and all it was a good night :) ( I didn't get any tickets and went to the second club type place since Saturday!).

05-16-2001After work I went out to the opening day of the Elmhurst Car Show (Off of York at Old Kent Bank).   It was a blast!   So many cool cars!    Lots of 1st and 2nd Gen F-Body's.   About 10-15 people from the MFBA showed up.    There were a few Vipers and lots of vettes (there was a black Z06 w/Black interior... sweeeeeeeeeet  car!!!).   I will have pictures posted tomorrow.

Afterwards me, Jim (Dood), Brian (Mongoose), Ted (RHWBullhead), and Norb (Black2000SS) went to an Irish pub across the street, I had a Woodpecker Apple Cider and a Long Island Iced Tea (it was weak :( ).   Then I drove home, and here I am! 

05-15-2001I called Harbour Pontiac up today.   I'm bringing my car back next Monday to get new rotors (under warranty).   Less than 5000 miles on the cut rotors and they're already warped again! 
05-14-2001I picked up my spark plugs and IAT Tricker today.  I talked to Tom and he said it's normal for a performance decrease at higher RPMs.   He suggested I get a Lock Up Switch (wire into the tan and Black wire off the PCM to ground)  So I think I'll do that!  Sucha relief knowing my Push Rods aren't bent!!!!   

I went to Hooters for lunch (Kristy Treated me) but I only had Diet Coke.  and then I went to Stir Crazy For dinner, but only had Diet Coke!!!! (I need to start drinking during my lunch/dinner.   It's LEGAL now!!!)

05-12-2001I turned 21 today!!!   Got to the DMV at 8:30 (45 minutes later than I had planned) and waited in line for 2 hours!!!    Then got my haircut, got my car washed, and finally got my FOID card application.

At 5:30 pm my friend Davin picked me up at my house.   We then went to Mickey Finns in Libertyville.   Next we went to Alumni Club in Schaumburg.   Then we went to Vaugns on 65th and Central.   Then we went to Brew Bakers at 95th and Western.

Finally we went down to maxwell street and I had 1 burger, 1 Polish, and 1 pork chop sandwich.    Then we called it a night (at this point it was 5:45 am!).  

I awoke the next morning with a bad headache, but I didn't have to drive! so I slept until we got to Quiznos in Schaumburg!!!   Then I got home, had 2 aspirin and was fine until 8:30 pm when I fell asleep!!!!

10-May-2001My car was outside and it rained this morning :(  My window was still partially down.  Fortuanetly no damage, my dad woke up at 4:30 just as it started raining and I put my car in the garage.

I got to Harbor Pontiac at 9:00 am but they said they couldn't fit me in.  What kind of BS is that???   My window is down, it's supposed to rain today, and they can't put a F***in window motor in for me?   I bought one of the most expensive cars they sell...

My dad called them about 1:30 and bitched them out, so they said to bring the car over right away and they'd do it while I waited.   I went over there and they did it right away... got done about 1 hour before the big rain! 

Also, I ran a vacuum gauge on my car and I have plenty of vacuum, which means I probably don't have a bent pushrod :(   Not sure what else it could be.   I'm changing plugs this weekend.  I'm losing 40 HP and 3MPH in the 1/4 mile... but I don't know what is wrong!!!

08-May-2001Get this, my window motor is dead!  I was going to get a car wash, put my window down, and it stopped!   I'm going to put my car back to stock, put my stock tires on, and bring it in on the 10th.
06-May-2001I went to Jim's picnic today.   We had a pretty good showing, about 20-30 F-Body's and 1 Y-Body showing up.   Had alot of fun (thanks Jim!).

Here's some pics of the day.   Click Here

05-May-2001Went to Byron Drag way for the first time today.    Woke up at 7, met some friends at 9, and got there by 11.   It's located by Rockford Illinois.  Not quite as far as US41 but not as close as Da Grove.     Friendly atmosphere, and since it looked like it would rain, I got to run as many times as I wanted.    Results are coming soon.

Unfortunately I was still pulling a measely 12.9 and 13.0.    I should be pulling low 12s.   So there's something else wrong.   I think I hear a ticking from my car, so I may have bent a pushrod.   I took off the valve cover (pictures coming soon) on the drivers side and checked all 8 push rods, and they were all fine!   Hopefully one of the others will be bent (so I know I've at least found the problem!)

04-May-2001My Subwoofer blew today :(   Bringing it in next week to have it repaired.
02-May-2001I think I may have figured out my problem.    It appears the SES light (for P0430) retards the timing of the car... so at WOT the car is running lean and the timing is off by over 1 degree than when the light is off.  
28-April-2001I went up to Bussee Woods today and met with Jim (DooD) Jim (simply2kind), and Mike (2K1LESS.. something like that).   We just talked about cars for a while.   Before the drive to Bussee I stopped by Performance Technical Institute because they were having a Viper (my dream car!)  Dyno Day.   Here's some pictures I took.

After this I went to a party at my friend Todds house.   I used to work with him, and now he is moving to California.

27-April-2001I got my car Dynoed today, and it was disappointing.      After about 5500 RPM my car took a quick 40HP nose dive!!!  So now I need to figure out what's broke on it.
21-April-2001Today was pretty cool!

Started off at 12:30pm (when I woke up).

I arrived at Busse Woods at 1:30pm to meet up w/a bunch of MFBA guys.  About 2:00 pm we started cruisin.

1 guy w/a 2001 Cobra showed up... and when he thought he was smokin his tires he was actually smokin his clutch... so a 2001 Cobra w/ < 100 miles now needs a new clutch! 

About 3:00pm we all went over to Whitney's (CamaroWhit I think) and had a BBQ.   Made some dogs, and polishs!   mmmm mmm

We BSed there for a while and then went down to 1BADSS (I think that's it... I suck w/names or screen names, heh) place in Naperville and he took his Mustang out (12.4 second stang) and we all cruised around for a while

About 8:00 pm we found ourselves in a parking lot and were going to street race (not me... i save my racing for the track).  2 People got a run in, and just as two more were about to run we saw a car coming towards us.   So everyone turned off there lights, went back to there cars and we waited.   But the car just stayed there.  It wasn't a pig but it appeared that he was calling the cops.  Finally he cruised past us and we took off, as soon as we were leaving the  lot he  got in back of us!!!  Fortunately he pulled off into a side street and nothing has come of it (yet).

It was getting late by this point, so we headed down to Hooters in Orland Park (there was a planned gathering there).  We arrived at Hooters at 10:15 pm and ate.   About 11:30 we left and BSed some more in the parking lot.   It was here that I found out there were  going to be some street drags somewhere in the area.   At first I didn't want to go, but as I thought about it I realized I wanted to see what  "real" street drags were like so I followed a group of people.

Well... on I should have just gone home.   While following everyone 3 Orland Park Police cars (2 cars 1 van) pulled all 10-15 of us over!  Fortunately no tickets were given out! (well at least to me)   This story is explained in more detail here.

20-April-2001Today was a ho-hum day.   I put the IRS brace on my buddies car and then went out to a 420 party at my coworkers house.
19-April-2001Today I checked out an exhaust w/my bud Davin.    It was for a *cough* cobra *cough*....  the guy was old and babied the car so we couldn't hear how the exhaust sounded at WOT.  
17-April-2001You don't want to see what I had typed 5 minutes ago...
14-April-2001Went to US41 today... too many mustangs!    Though, I expected it considering it was Midwest Mustang Association sponsored event.  It just hurts to be spanked so many times in one day by Mustangs!   The track wasn't very good today, I got decent 60's on my 555Rs but my MPH was way down.   I should have had much better times with the new Torque Converter.  The only consolation is that everyone I talked to said they hadn't been running good!

Next time!

Click here to see pics from US41

13-April-2001My Torque Converter, Shift Kit, and B&M Super Cooler were installed today :)  Picked up the car at 5:00pm.   Can't wait to go to the track tomorrow!
12-April-2001Today was a day of new experiences.... I learned something very important about myself today, something which I thought I had already known,  and now I know for sure I knew (because when I tried to change it I was disappointed).

Live and learn

10-April-2001Still nothing much going on.   Been really busy at work (part of a Global IT initiative at Motorola).

I polished my car w/a buffer I just bought Sunday... but it rained Monday morning so my car's all dirty again :(

Finally, my torque converter *may* be going in Saturday... if it does I'm going to cancel my plans to go to the track Saturday and just have Tom Izzo install the converter and Shift Kit (and trans cooler).

02-April-2001Nothing much going on.   Got my notice today of when my Court date is for my "Improper Start from a Stopped Position" ticket.  It's 5/4... which is kinda good, 8 days before my 21st BDay, so I'll get my license back.

Today was the last day of soccer (I didn't play again) and we lost.

01-April-2001Added some new information to the site today.   I added pictures from my TA Rear end Girdle install, Nitto Tires, 160 Degree Thermostat Install, and my McCord Power plate/Bass control switches.

Also my TC, Shift Kit and Supercooler install was postponed.  Yank sent the wrong TC (Sent one for an LT1 instead of an LS1), and the Supercooler I bought from Speed Inc. didn't have all the parts it was supposed to.   Hopefully it will be installed this week.

25-March-2001I went to US 41 today... only to find out they were closed :(   I called at 5:30 am, 6:30 am and 8:30 am... all three times the message said they were open.  But when I get there at 9:30 am they're closed!   125 mile drive for nothing!   
21-March-2001I picked up my Nitto Drag Radials today.   2 275/40R17 555R for $290.00 after tax.   Not a bad deal... and they're cheaper than my regular tires :)   I'll be tossing these on Friday and hopefully test them out Sunday.
18-March-2001Went to Route 41 Drag way in Peotone IL.   It was awesome... I finally broke into the 12s!   12.994 to be exact.    I let another guy drive my car and he got a 12.85 on his second run!!!    Can't wait for my TC and stuff... should be low 12s/high 11s!

I'll be posting my ETs on the   Track Record page soon

17-March-2001Got my car prepped and ready for the first drag of the season.   Going to Rt. 41 tomorrow to get some baselines.   I wanna see how much the TC, Shift Kit, etc... will take off my ET.
16-March-2001Well, on Wednesday (3/14/01) I lined up my Torque Converter Install.   I'm having Tom Izzo at Speed Inc. install a Super Yank 3500, Transgo Shift Kit, my B&M Supercooler, Tak weld my exhaust, and weld in my SFCs.   His rates are pretty good,  250 for the TC, 125 for the shift kit, 50 for the cooler, 70 for the SFCs.   I can't wait!   That, combined with my Nitto Drag Radials... should be good for low 12s!

Finally,   I created a spreadsheet to show my fuel economy... It's based on 2 months, and it appears my average fuel economy is 14.83 MPG.   That really sux!  

11-March-2001I got alot done this weekend. 

1.  I fixed the problem I was experiencing with what I thought was squeaking exhaust.   Turns out the upper part of the pan hard rod was missing all three bolts!!!

2.  Had my Trans Fluid Changed.  Jim from the MFBA helped me with this.

3.  Went to Naperville to meet up with some people from the MFBA.  I got there after everyone had already eaten, but just in time to get some good pictures.

05-March-2001Well... I got my first ticket in the beast :(    Check out Runins With Police for more details.
22-February-2001Not much new going on... I forgot to mention that on 2/12/01 I had my rotors resurfaced... Car handles great now, other than some noise coming from my loose Borla exhaust... but that's what the radio's for, right? 
20-February-2001On 1/18/01 I had a battery problem, The connection to the positive terminal of my battery was bad.... and my car would barely start, but i fixed this when i got home... so my baby's running fine so far!  

However, I think I *May* have a pushrod problem....  I want to replace my pushrods and springs (and lifters) because I'd like to be able to rev my engine at 6600 RPM w/o risk of engine damage... Hopefully I'll have the money in the next few months to replace these vital engine parts.... 

06-February-2001Nothing much going on here,  just that I'm disliking cops more and more as time passes... check out my Runins With Police page for more details.
29-January-2001I just tossed up pictures from the install of my subwoofer.   The thing sounds AWESOME!  Figures though... I just get a new device put in my baby, and I can't drive her!!!   Damn Freezing Rain!  

It took me 45 minutes to get out of my subdivision today because the stupid plow company (Well... a few guys with some F-250s w/plows on them) never showed up!   So I got stuck twice in the neighborhood! 

28-January-2001This is the first day I really got to play with the subwoofer.  I played around with the gains and bass boost and I think I'm close to getting the perfect setting.   There's still too much bass at low volume so I think I'll raise the gain to 1.5 or 2. 

On my way home from a super bowl party I got to listen to some Bad Boy Bill in it!   House Music sounds awesome in my car now!!!

27-January-2001We did the subwoofer install today!  The thing sounds great.  Pictures coming soon...
23-January-2001All of my subwoofer stuff is here!!!  My buddy Davin's coming over Saturday to help me with the install.  We hooked it up to his Amp today during lunch and it sound awesome.  I can't wait to get it in my car!

Check out my Subwoofer install page.  For now it just has pictures of all the parts, but I plan on taking lots of pictures during the install.

20-January-2001Finally Bush is officially president of the USA!!!!

And yesterday I nearly got into an accident ....  I was going down 59 at 55MPH (speed limit is 50).  I noticed ahead that some old fart from Lake Barrington Shores (expensive area) was slowly edging into my lane as he was turning left (crossing my lane).   Then I noticed he was going to go, so I hit my breaks, but he just sat in the middle of the lane!!!  So I slammed on my breaks laid down hard on the horn but the old fart just sat there!  So I turned the wheel hard right at just the right moment and slid around doing a 270 degree turn.  The front left of my car missed the rear right of his car by about 3 feet!!!  I did a 270 degree turn, sliding the entire time, in an area which would have normally been a three point turn for my car (damn F-Bod turning radius sucks!).  Then the old fart had the nerve to just keep on going... I came very close to turning around, and following him to his destination so I could yell my head off at him!  He almost hurt my baby! 

But, I didn't do that... however if I see that Cadillac on the road again around here, I'll be sure to stay right on his ass to intimidate him... there's no way he'll ever forget my car, no other TAs around here, and I'm the only one in this area w/red stripes down the it!   

Finally, I had an idea to get better track times but it's not going to work :(  I figured that if I lowered the shift points of my car, to shift just after peak HP and Torque I could gain some time. But after looking at my DYNO I found that my HP pretty much stays constant once it peaks.  My torque falls off, but it starts falling off at 4400~4500 RPM, and I'm not going to lower my shift points that much (even if my HPP3 allowed me to do so).

Second Finally, The Beast broke 10,000 miles today!  As of 8:30 PM tonight it is at 10,002 miles.

10-January-2001I ordered all of my subwoofer stuff today!

$40.00 in parts from some place in California for PAC components (allow me to add RCA Outputs to plug into an amp)

$215.43 for a Kenwood 230x1 mono subwoofer amp and all the wires I need to connect the amp to the deck and sub

$430.72 for a JL Audio Stealth box and 1 10" 10W3D2 sub woofer.

Should have everything installed within 2 weeks (when all the parts arrive)

09-January-2001Subwoofers are confusing..... I went to United Audio Centers today and they tried to talk me out of getting the stealth box I was looking at saying it would blow up... instead they wanted to sell me a 1300.00 custom box and components....  
08-January-2001I'm driving the Beast to work for the first time in 30 days...  I drove her around for 70 miles this weekend, felt good!

Today's also our 6 month anniversary!!!!

In honor of this momentous event, I'm buying her a subwoofer!

05-January-2001Didn't get above freezing yesterday.... This is day 25 since I drove my car (besides the 4 miles last Sunday).    

I updated the site a little.  When you go to http://www.horist.com/ it now displays an "Enter" Screen.  I did this so that I could get accurate metrics using my counter.   In a few days I'll replace the counter from thecounter.com with a counter program I wrote for work (Looks and Operates exactly the same, only I wrote it :)  

04-January-2001Well, it's supposed to be above freezing for the first time in 4 weeks this week... we shall see.   All I ask for is a 3 days of above freezing weather... the snow will melt and wash away the salt... then the Beast comes out again!
01-January-2001Added a new page today entitled "Highway Wonderland."  This page is dedicated to Sammy Hagar's song "Trans Am Highway Wonderland."   I have the MP3 for download and the lyrics to the song posted.
31-December-2000Drove the Beast for the first time in 20 days today!  Just went around the lake and up to town to get gas (before the gas price increase).  I miss it...   Hard to get used to driving it again though, the nose is sooooo much bigger than that on my Peugeot and I'm so much lower to the ground. 


More snow.... it just keeps falling! Anyways, I redesigned my page slightly. Got rid of some unnecessary frames. The page will get a revamp next year.


Oh Boy... more snow.  They're talking up to 7 inches between today and tomorrow.... I hate SNOW!  18 days (1 hour from 19) since the last time I drove the TA!


Guess what.... more snow!!!! 

It snowed this morning, it's going to snow tonight, it's going to snow tomorrow!  The only thing I have to look forward to is the possibility of >=32 degree weather next Tuesday...  SNOW SUX!

23-December-2000It's snowing again... there's a surprise.   The Beast is still hibernating.  And of course it's not going to be above freezing for at least the next 2 weeks.  Bah, I hate winter!
21-December-2000Ok, this snow crap is really getting me pissed off now.

12/11/00 -- Snow  (3 hour loop)
12/13/00 -- Snow (1.5 hour drive  home)
12/15/00 -- Freezing Rain
12/18/00 -- Snow  (45 minute drive home)
12/20/00 -- Snow (1 hour drive home, witnessed 3 multi-car accidents)

ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!   And it's not going to be above freezing for at least the next 2 weeks!!!

20-December-2000Well, this marks the 10th consecutive day since I drove my car!   I HATE SNOW!  It's going to be below freezing for at least another week!   Before I will take my car out again, it has to rain and be above freezing for a few days (to get the salt off the roads).  I really dislike driving the Peugeot!   The only advantage is gas...  averaging 16.5mpg and I fill the Peugeot up with regular!  A lot better than 12-13mpg with Premium!  But I still miss the Beast :(
16-December-2000Added a new section entitled MileStones.  
12-December-2000The TA is grounded indefinetly. We got about a foot of snow yesterday and there's more on the way. Until the snow all melts I'm stuck with the Peugeot :/ Glad I covered the TA on Sunday!
11-December-2000It's SNOWING! Snow SUCKS! I drove in a 3 hour circle today. Wiped out once on Old Rt. 53 North, but recovered. My Car Overheated in 19 degree weather and I had to stop at Sears to buy some wires and male connectors. (I wired up the high speed cooling fans on all the time to keep the car cool). My dad found it to be the thermostat so he replaced it. Damn Peugeot! Work closed at 1:00pm so I never made it there, classes were cancelled. Snow SUCKS!!!
2-December-2000Updated site to use knight rider theme song.... temporary thing will remove in the future, but for now ITS STAYING DAMNIT!
28-November-2000Fixed a few links.  Also added a picture of my VIP Hooters Receipt :)   
26-November-2000Haven't updated this page recently... been too busy (between work and school coming down to an end).   The Web Cam hasn't been very successful.  I just don't like having the Cam on all the time.. and people being able to watch me.   

I added another new section called "The Man Behind the Car."   It's a small section about me.  I also added a new page showing me playing (well.... trying to play anyways) my guitar.  

19-November-2000Ok, I'm trying something new.... I have a web cam, and I have several computers and a DSL Connection.  So I'm going to try broadcasting streaming video from within my computer room.   The address for the streaming video is http://www.horist.com:7000/ or mms://www.horist.com:7006/ (I don't know how well this will work).   I also have a test stream page up at http://www.horist.com/asf/stream.htm.  My goal in the future is to have a wireless cam and have a road cam :)  But that's a ways off.  Anyways, enjoy.
13-November-2000Forgot to mention, I got some stripes put on my car.  Really dresses it up, makes it stand out!  Check it out. 

Also, I was planning on having some pics of my Car with some Hooters girls, but since the weather has taken a turn for the worse, this probably won't happen until some time next year :(

12-November-2000Brought my car to the track again, pulled a 13.008!!! I was pulling 13.0s all day, it was awesome.  This election crap is pissing me off, and I have a cold.  
08-November-2000Well,  nothing new going on, but I'm waiting to find out who will be our next president... Gore (booooooooo)  or Bush (Yay, cheer).   Damn Florida, I can picture them just sitting down taking their time so that they're the last state to get done... According to Florida they should be by 2:30 EST, so in about 30 minutes from now.... I really hope Bush wins,  I can't take another 4 years of Damnocrats, er Democrats :) 


WOOHOO!!! BUSH WON.  Republican House of Representatives, Republican Senate, Republican President, can the government get any better!?  I think not!

05-November-2000Went to the track again today.   Pulled a 13.186 and then a 13.192 on my last two runs of the day!  Going to the track again for a final time this season next Sunday.
04-November-2000Well, haven't done much lately w/my Car.  Went to the Anger Management Tour in Milwaukee Wednesday, Limp Bizkit Rocks!    I'm going to Union Grove to race again tomorrow.  And I added a guestbook :)
30-October-2000I added a Nail In Tire section which has pictures of the nail that got stuck in my tire some time last week.
29-October-2000I went to the track for the first time today.  Went up to Union Grove Wisconsin to race.  I ran some good times.  Best time was a 13.203.  Check out my Track Times page to see all my ETs.
28-October-2000Installed my Borla exhaust today.  Sounds AWESOME! Check out my Borla Page for more information.
27-October-2000Finished tuning my car.  Runs nice!

I made the shift 100% firmer, lowered the engine temperature (once I put my 160 degree thermostat in it will run even cooler), optimized the engine timing for 93 octane fuel, and raised the speed governor to 255 MPH.

26-October-2000Sorry, haven't updated page in 2 days.  I added some more suggestions for the name of my car.  I still like Grim Reaper the best.  Though, The Beast is good too.

My Hypertech Power Programmer III came in today, and so did my racing stripes!  Already performance tuned my engine.  Stripes will go on in a few weeks.

Finally, big news!  I'll be getting some pictures of some hooters girls on my car soon!  Hopefully a few while they're in there hooters uniform, and they said they'd pose in bikinis!!!!! If I get this pic, it'll be on my front page :) 

24-October-2000Well, I got pulled over tonight on Route 53.  The cop said I was going 75 in a 55.  (I was actually going 80, but all the same).  Fortunately I got out of the ticket.  Check out my Run-ins w/Police page for a detailed history of all my police incidents!  
23-October-2000My Borla Cat-Back Exhaust just arrived!  See my Borla Page for pictures before the installation.
22-October-2000Well, just finished posting the pics from the Fall Cruise.  Check out my Fall Cruise 2000 page for more information.

Just finished the FTRA install.  It was actually pretty simple.  I hit my condenser a few times though... so I was a bit worried about my A/C.  But it still works :)  I went out on two test runs, one with the plate installed (that effectively disables the FTRA kit) and one without it installed.  While doing this, I ran auto tap and monitored the engine speed, MAF flow rate, and MAP.  I'll copy this data to my main PC and make some excel charts later today.

I'll have lots of updates for this site tomorrow.  I'm going on the MFBA (Midwest F-Body Association) Fall Cruise and I'm bringing my digital camera with!

Finally, the trip to Union Grove dragaway that I was planning on going on Sunday has been cancelled and rescheduled for October 29th.  Apparently it rained last weekend, so an event that didn't finish last weekend is finishing this weekend.   But it's all good, I should have my Exhaust installed by then and maybe even my racing stripes. 


My car is currently the car of the week (COTW) at www.f-body.org.  Click here for a screen shot of it.

Well, I added a new section entitled "Burn Out."

I am adding another section, which will detail major events in my cars life (First oil changes, first mods, first wipe-out, first burn-out, etc...)